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make millions monthly by scaling your knowledge into one thing


easy to build. easy to grow. easy to manage.

I help online educators (Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Course Creator) to 1-100k+ monthly recurring revenue without getting stuck or burned out.

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make millions monthly by scaling your knowledge into one thing


I help online educators (Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Course Creator) to 1-100k+ monthly recurring revenue without getting stuck or burned out.


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How to make millions monthly by scaling your knowledge into one thing.

The only Method, you need to scale to 100k+ Months, without burnout or constantly having to choose business over family time. 



designed for leading online educators who want to balance high performance and scale with ease, to enable exceptional results without constantly being involved.



When leading an online business, there comes a time when you have to level up, simplify, and streamline at the same time. 

Kill everything that is not making you profit, power, or progress; design a clean and simple "lead to program success" route; and step up the game by creating a movement that will organically automate growth. 

All that by doing less!

"Kriss is revolutionizing the online education industry with a radical minimalism approach."

"The perfect balance of high-level knowledge transfer, elegant automation, sustainable scalability, and agile systems to increase productivity."



Helping Online Educators grow on Autopilot.


According to Gartner, this year's trends fall under three themes: Digitization, Location Independence, and Resilience. 


In addition, "automation" is described as a strategic competitive advantage.

"Our customers are learning to stand out from the crowd by creating their own methods and frameworks instead of consulting individually, which can be passed on scalable.

Based on valid data, they build a system step by step that automates their sales and marketing activities.

Combined with a digital advantage, a lean product set, and agile systems, they are growing on autopilot, all without existing community, expensive ads, or outstanding tech skills.


And no, you don't have to be on social media all day to do that.

For selling online, establishing market dominance, and delivering transformational experiences, you have to upgrade your business model.

Of course, you can do that by just offering 1-1 handholding services and posting 3 times a day, but that is not a life-poof business model. 

AND it is not promising long-time growth and recurring revenue.

Future-proof your business by transforming it into a streamlined powerhouse for yourself and for your clients. 


Online education is the future! It allows freedom, flexibility, and independence. Knowledge transfer and access to resources that would otherwise never have been available. 

Online Educators [Experts, Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators] create jobs, feed families, and build a business model that opens new opportunities. 

The power to buy a home, save for retirement, send your child to the best schools, fund innovative projects, promote others, and do anything you want.

But the industry gives the wrong impression


  • Awkward pressure-based sales tactics, poor content with no added value, lack of transparency, and false promises.
  • Late-night work sessions, daily content production, and an unreasonable pricing structure characterize the lives of experts, coaches, and consultants, causing stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

The image of a successful seven-figure online entrepreneur is false. 


Expensive cars, cheap sales funnels, and a big team are unnecessary and disappointing.

It's time to change that! 

Hi I'm Kriss,

Ex-Google, Economist, Online Business Minimalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Mom, Author, and flexible, small giant!

You can go from 6 to 7 and to 8 figures in a simple, minimal, "small Giant" Way. And you will LOVE it

After failing as "just a visionary" for my company, getting lost in Zoom Calls, and being the only one that cares about company profits, I developed a radical online business minimalism approach.
I let 80% of my staff go and redesigned my business for the NEW Era. Streamlined Processes. Highly Effective Organic Marketing. One Offer Focus and powerful, but easy Automations. 
This skyrocketed my business growth by 800% while allowing me to work 80% less.
Now, I teach my proven method to other thought leaders and game changers that want to have some peaceful weeks and stop thinking of the scary global issues.
Deep dive into your next-level business structure, without adding more pressure.

Ready to take the leap?

Depending on where you are, you'll need a different focus to concentrate on what will drive your business forward and provide a stable foundation.

To get to regular recurring revenue of 1k, 1-10k, 10-100k or 100k+ per month, each focus is different.

THE Program shows you step by step how to get to the next level without detours and vanity metrics.

A business strategy, tailored to your level!


Excellence in performance, solid team management, constant company development, and paying attention to personal needs cannot be considered separately.

Digital CEOs face the reality of the online advantage, especially when they are scaling fast.

We need to develop systems and processes while scaling a business in a fast-paced industry for which there is no universal blueprint.

We want to sell and onboard new clients, create remarkable customer experiences, and always stay top-of-the-edge.

But that can be exhausting without having the right automated systems in place to do most of the work for you.

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  • Turn your 1-1 Coaching Hustle into an automated Premium Group Coaching Empire, that will make you monthly 6 figures

  • Make more money — consistently — every single month.

  • Learn how to grow from your first Assistant to a small mighty Team and step into being a high-level CEO.

  • Make better financial decisions and maximize your earning potential.

  • Work towards becoming a 7-figure Business Powerhouse — without sacrificing your health, family, or integrity.

  • Create a sustainable company that has the potential to run without you.

  • Learn how to grow from your first Assistant to a small mighty Team and step into being a high-level CEO.

  • Level Up your Mindset and learn to set boundaries and prioritize self-growth