THE Assessment


Hi, I'm Kriss

I help digital CEOs set up lean online business operating systems to scale on autopilot, without the overwhelm.

I turned my business from 0 to 6 figures in 1 year, while raising my kids. 

It's story time! Yes, I am a control freak, I love to work, and I don't say no to sleeping only 4 hours and running on a polyphasic sleep schedule. Short: I love my workaholic, mom life. 

But my business growth was so overwhelmingly positive that I needed to choose between spending time with my children or spending time with my clients - and I didn't want to do that.
After weeks of failed attempts to find employees who could run my business better than me, sleepless nights because of forgotten notes, and missed to-dos, I turned to my favorite topic: tech and tools.

You can operate a 7-figure business as a small giant.

After failing as “just a visionary" for my company, pro-actively avoiding every to-do list reminder, and even going as far as planning my dog’s day, I stopped procrastinating in productivity land and developed my own profit-focused but life-first operating system with non-code tools like notion and Clickup.

I developed a radical online business minimalism approach which sky-rocketed my business growth while allowing me to work less. Now I teach my proven method to other thought leaders and game changers.

You should know...

  1. I'm a nerd. Give me a drone and a Onewheel and I'm happy. (I may be bleeding too as you see in the pic)
  2. I had to limit myself to testing a max of 3 software tools or tech gear a day
  3. I sleep from 7pm to midnight, because that is the only way I get some time for myself
  4. I have 2 amazing kids (see 3.)
  5. I have been on a ketogenic "diet" for over 5 years now
  6. One day I will heli-fly to Camera Camp with Becki & Chris (I take no responsibility for geographical or flight regulation impossibilities)

Official Bio

Kriss Micus is a pioneer in applying neuropsychologically optimized automation tactics to scale lean business models.
In the industry, she has been called an "outstanding sales brain" and "thought leader of the e-learning sector."
The German economist is founder and CEO of KRISS MICUS GmbH, the leading digital consultancy for group-based education design and sales automation as well as digital leadership.
She values lean processes, clear communication, and a holistic approach that promotes sustainable business models and business structures. 
With her company, founded in 2019, she fulfilled her dream of a lean & simple 7+ figure business that harmonizes with her family and her desire for continuous development as a small giant. 

Where should we start?

The Hook

Increase automated Productivity when developing your CEO Dashboard during a coffee break.



The Short Class

Learn how to save 3 days a week with a 3-part system to lean, online business automation.



The Time Saver

Implement your own online business operating system by getting my full setup.